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Men's Ministry 

Mission Statement: 

The Mission of the Men's Ministry is to go and make disciples of men in our church and community through evangelism, edifying, equipping, and embracing men from ALL walks of life.

Leader:                                          Pastor Robert Scaife

Meeting Times:                             Every first Saturday of the month at 10am.

Contact Information:          

Goals & Objectives:                     Goal 1: Evangelization of Sinners - The goal of sharing the gospel with                                                                     the unsaved. 

                                                      Goal 2: Embracing of the Saved - The goal of this dimension is to embrace,                                                             love, support, and affirm every member of the church. This affirming love                                                                 should occur church) and privately (away from church--phone or                                                                               otherwise). 

                                                      Goal 3: Edifying and Equipping the Saints - The goal of this dimension is to                                                             edify (build up) and equip the local body of believers to become "Strong in                                                             the Lord" and experience the happy, healthy, holy Christian life.

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