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Small Group Ministry

  • Archives & Church History Ministry

  • Care Ministry

  • Christian Education

  • Combined Children & Youth Ministry

    • Junior Ushers

    • Kidz Praise Ministry

    • Lil Sprouts Nursery/Preschoool Ministry

    • Youth Choir

  • College Ministry

  • Creative Arts Ministry

  • Deacon's Ministry

  • Discipleship Ministry

  • Family Ministry

  • Finance Ministry

  • Helping Hands Ministry

  • Hospitality Ministry

  • Intercessory Prayer Ministry

  • Kitchen Ministry

  • Media Ministry

  • Men's Ministry

  • Music Department

    • Mass Choir

    • Praise & Worship

    • Praise Team

  • New Member Orientation

  • Preaching Ministry

  • Property Maintenance Ministry

  • Scholarship Committee

  • Senior Saints Ministry

  • Senior Ushers Ministry

  • Substance Abuse Ministry

  • Transportation Ministry

  • Trustees' Ministry

  • Women's Ministry

  • Young Adult "Huddle" Ministry


Archives & Church History

Mission: The mission of the church history and archives ministry is to collect and preserve all current and past church history and categorize it for future references. 



Care Ministry

Mission: To ensure that EVERY member of the Union Baptist Church feels loved and affirmed by regular contact from another member of the church who has partnered with our pastor in the ministry of shepherding. 



Christian Education

Mission: To provide learning opportunities for all individuals and families based on the Bible, which lead to a growing personal relationship with Christ. 

View the Christian Education page 


Combined Children & Youth Ministry

Partnering with parents to evangelize and disciple all children and youth by educating them through age-appropriate developmental programs that are Bible-based preparing them to become adult disciples. 

The following ministries are included in the Children & Youth Ministry: 

- Kidz Praiz Ministry
- Oxygen Youth Ministry 
- Creative Arts Ministry
- Junior Ushers 
- Children & Youth Choir
- Little Sprouts Nursery/Preschool



College Ministry

To provide (BSU and Indiana Academy) students with opportunities for fellowship, outreach and Christian growth. 



Family Ministry

Mission: To enhance and facilitate growth and development of all church members and the community in an effort to prevent crisis in the family. 



Helping Hands Ministry

Mission: To be the hand that reaches out and touches someone. We would like to help where we can and where we are needed. 



Hospitality Ministry

Mission: To demonstrate to every visitor and member, who enters Union Baptist Church, the genuine love of God through our ministry of service. 



Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Mission: Committed to individual and corporate prayer for the members and ministry of Union, our beloved pastor, the universal Body of Christ and the entire world. 



Kitchen Ministry

Mission: To purchase food items and/or prepare meals for the church on general and special occasions. 



Media Ministry

Mission: To clearly communicate the gospel at Union and beyond. 



Men's Ministry

Mission: To go and make disciples of men in our church and community through evangelism, edifying, equipping, and embracing men from ALL walks of life. 

View the Men's Council page 



Music Department

Mission: (We are) dedicated to living spiritual lives in order to exalt the Savior and prepare the hearts of God's people for the preaching and receiving of the gospel. The following singing groups are included in the Music Department Ministry: 

- Mass Choir 
- Praise and Worship 
- Missionary Choir 
- Praise Team 
- Celebration Choir 



New Member Orientation

Mission: To provide a basic understanding of the Christian lifestyle to new members of Union Baptist Church; as well as provide information regarding the privileges, responsibilities, and opportunities of church membership. 



Senior Usher's Ministry

Mission: To serve in any capacity during worship service that aids the participants and enhances the worship experience. We endeavor to do this as if we are serving Christ. 


Substance Abuse Ministry

Mission: To be an outreach ministry that supports, encourages, and holds accountable individuals who are dealing with substance abuse and other types of addictions. 



Transportation Ministry

Mission: To provide transportation, to those who may need it, to and from church services. We also want to accommodate other transportation needs of the church. 



Women's Ministry

Mission: To embrace, edify, and equip ALL women of Union and evangelize the unsaved through relevant ministry that strengthens faith and draws women closer to Christ. 

View the Women's Council page 



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